Our Mission

Our goal is to produce the finest quality fruit, enhance the productivity of our land in an environmentally responsible manner, and preserve that land for future generations.

About Marthedal Farms

Marthedal Farms planted its American roots in 1903 when Harold Marthedal Sr. immigrated to the United States from Denmark. He settled south of Fresno, California, to be close to relatives and friends from the same little farming community that he had left in Denmark. His goal was to establish a home to which he could bring his future wife, Maren. After three years of working and going to school, Harold purchased his first 20 acre property. Harold then traveled back to Denmark, married Maren, and the couple returned to the Central Valley, filled with hope for the future.

Together Harold and Maren established a home and raised a family. Harold’s life was cut short when he contracted pneumonia and died at the age of 54, leaving Maren to run the family’s farm. After serving in the United States Air force and a brief career in teaching Harold Jr. returned to take over operation of the family farm. Harold Jr. raised cattle, grew various field crops, expanded the size of the farm, and plantings of permanent crops, primarily grapes for raisins.

Currently Marthedal Farms is run by Harold Jr.’s son Jon, and Jon’s son Eric. Marthedal Farms operates over 400 acres of grapes, for both raisins and the fresh market, and about 180 acres of blueberries.

Marthedal Farms is proud to have been a part of the great San Joaquin Valley’s worldwide leadership in production agriculture for over 100 years and it is our goal to continue in this proud tradition and honorable profession.